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Modo Benchmark: Info

(Monday, October 1, 2012)

The Spam filter is still working pretty good, it detected about 46.000 SPAM posts, and missed 215.
I removed them all.



(Tuesday, Februari 21, 2012)

The Spam filter is working pretty good, it detected about 19.000 SPAM posts, and missed 48.
I removed them all.



(Tuesday, September 14, 2010)

For a while the site was not working properly, due to a skirmish I had with a few prolific internet users that kept spoiling us with their interesting marketing messages...

I made some adjustments to prevent their, not so relevant messages, from flooding the benchmark data, and although I don't want to encourage them, I made a separate list for them, where they can view their efforts: Top Marketeers

They will probably outsmart me again, and then I will have to implement some form of CAPTCHA, I hope not, I don't like that.



(Friday, November 7, 2009)

I noticed some performance variation per scene/system.

The MRI value is the average performance index of the 4 test scenes (related to System Zero), some scenes perform relatively better on a system, some slower.

I added colors to the listing to visualize this, the color is the procentual relation to the systems MRI Value (the average value), Blue when its slower, and Red when it is faster.

(The colors are just an indication, keep in mind the all values are related to the original System Zero Values.)



(Wednesday, September 23, 2009)

The Famous 8/9 Ball test scene served as unofficial Benchmark test since Modo 201. On fast machines render-times for this scene are approaching 10 sec, so I think it's time for new test-scenes. For this Benchtest I picked 4 new scenes, that take longer to render.

The scenes I picked are from the 401 content folder:


I wanted to display all data in one list, and calculate a ranking based on all 4 scenes, for obvious reasons you can't just add the numbers. So a value to compare the results to was needed, and since this benchmark site was made on a MacBook Pro, this machine was used (System Zero from now on) to generate the start value.

With the results of all test scenes, an indexed value will be calculated, the Modo Render Index or MRI.

System Zero has an MRI score of 100, if your system can double that performance, it's MRI score will be 200.


  • For the MRI ranking, all 4 scene results have to be submitted.
  • Global avatars from are supported.
  • In Explorer 8 details rows aren't shown (have to look into that) in compatibility mode it works.


Hans Groothuis

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